Release: 01.02

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Masters representative Re-Style is hitting hard and rocking into 2019 at full-throttle. Opening the year on a high note, this Hardcore legend is proud to flaunt his set of skills in his new cut “Savage & Wild,” which serves as the official anthem for Masters of Hardcore Russia.

Coming full circle, the powerful voice of Tha Watcher encompasses the mighty vibe that Masters of Hardcore stands for. All we have left to say is… Prepare to get ‘savage and wild!’

Re-Style feat. Tha Watcher – Savage & Wild (Official Masters of Hardcore Russia 2019 Anthem) will be released on the 1st of February on Masters of Hardcore.

We are ready, adrenaline rushing in,
Born to win, now the fifth round begins.
Damage your pride, give you what you asked for,
Savage and wild, we are Masters of Hardcore!

Hard as ice, absolute zero hailstorm,
formed in our mind, from the day we were born.
Be warned, the horns of the skull never miss their mark,
Watching it clearly, like sparks in the dark!

Unquestionably ravaging editions have displayed to the world.. the prowess of the scarlet legions.
All that breathe hardcore.. once again.. congregate at the citadel.
Revelling in the dedication of thousands of like-minded souls..
We.. are Masters of Hardcore!


Tha Watcher

Masters of Hardcore